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Curb Appeal: 7 Steps for an Exceptional Exterior

First impressions are everything, and your home or business is no exception.

Maintaining your property's outward appearance means increasing its value. So, where do you start? Let’s review the most important aspects of curb appeal.

Renew Paint, Siding, and Trim

An exterior facelift, including new siding, or trim details, transforms the look of a home. Periodic maintenance of that exterior surface is a great way to keep curb appeal looking its best. Any obvious defects, such as cracked or rotting material, can downgrade the aesthetic and lead to problems with pests and weather damage.

Curb Appeal: Paint, Siding, and Trim

Replace Gutters/Downspouts

Oftentimes, the house’s gutters and downspouts are overlooked, but if they have peeling paint, rust spots, or other problems that can convey a sense of neglect. Improving your house’s exterior should include repairing or changing these water systems with newer, updated materials.

In addition, rain gutters perform an important function by collecting storm water that lands on the roof and directing it away from the house. This prevents the pooling of water, soil erosion, and even foundation damage. If you do not have gutters, you might consider installing them.

Curb Appeal: Gutters and Downspouts

The Front Door

The entryway to your home's interior is an important aspect of curb appeal. You can make a statement with a bold color, add a classic touch with a glossy black, or go with the timeless beauty of a wood door. Also, use metal polish on the door fixtures or replace them with new ones. Adding a wreath or swag can give your home a personal sense of your style and hint at the interior design.

Curb Appeal: Glossy Black Front Door

Exterior Lighting

Low-voltage landscape lighting provides for safety walking in the evening and security by keeping your home well lit at night. Also, it makes a huge impact on your home's curb appeal. You can add accent lighting to trees or the home for an impressive display. Illuminate a walking path to accent your landscaping. Prefer not to install wired lights? Solar fixtures can be used easily but the level of light is not as bright.

Curb Appeal: Exterior Lighting

Instant Color With Container Gardens

Container gardens add a welcoming feel and colorful curb appeal to any home exterior. You can create your own using your favorite plants and colors. An asymmetrical arrangement will look best for most patios to create a stunning statement. You can use a combination of evergreens and annuals for year round color.

Curb Appeal: Container Gardens

Replace or Spray Paint Old Light Fixtures

Replace any old or deteriorated light fixtures. If you are looking to save money, give them a fresh look with a spray paint designed for outdoor metal objects. The paint comes in a variety of colors. Consider spray painting other outdoor items that could use a pick-me-up, such as your mailbox, planters, or even wrought iron lawn chairs.

Curb Appeal: Replacing or Repainting Old Light Fixtures

Spruce up Landscaping and Mulch

Refresh the beauty of your flower beds with new mulch, colorful annual flowers, or a raised stone retaining wall. Consider planting a new tree or some wildflowers, which will attract honeybees, butterflies, and other helpful garden guests.

Nothing spruces up the front of your home like freshly mulched flower beds. To save money, try contacting area tree removal services. They sometimes offer wood chips at a discount or even for free.

Curb Appeal: Landscaping and Mulch

You don’t have to update everything under the sun — a few strategic changes will make a huge difference in the look of your home or business. Ready to polish your curb appeal? Bishop Builders is ready to help with your home projects.

We offer expert advice and quality, professional construction services. Contact us at 1-817-221-0873 or to get started on your next home improvement project!



The Bishop Builders Team

Chris Bishop and Dennis Hall

Chris Bishop brings over 30 years of expertise to the construction industry in Texas. With a comprehensive understanding of construction techniques, materials, and project management, Chris oversees every aspect of the building process, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail.


Dennis Hall is the strategic business operations specialist. Dennis plays a pivotal role in the success and growth of Bishop Builders with his adept handling of contracts, seamless communication with clients, and financial management. Together, Chris and Dennis form a dynamic partnership, combining construction expertise with astute business acumen to deliver outstanding results.

Photo of Dennis Hall and Chris Bishop
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